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We offer counseling for individuals and couples experiencing a variety of situations: premarital counseling, relationship struggles, trauma recovery, parenting support, anxiety, job-related stress, and other concerns can all be addressed in counseling. All races, sexual orientations, identities, abilities, and religious beliefs are respected and welcomed at Atlas Counseling.


​Life Stressors and Transitions
Life is full of unknowns and stress - anxiety, body image issues, depression, grief, job loss, divorce, the drive for perfection - all of these can be difficult to manage on your own. Whether you have a specific concern you want to address, or you simply feel like you are carrying the weight of the world, a counselor can help. Learn more about how counseling can help with 
life stressors. 

Divorce and Affair Recovery

Marriage is hard. Sometimes couples have times where communication breaks down, or outside stress pushes your relationship past its ability to cope. Weather you decide to stick together after an affair or decide to part ways, Atlas can help you pave a new path for both of you going forward. Learn more about how counseling can help with divorce and affair recovery. 

​Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a way to help you and your soon-to-be spouse address important topics before walking down the aisle, and ultimately work to prevent concerns from developing into problems in your marriage. Learn more about how premarital counseling can help prepare you for life as a married couple.

​Relationship Issues
Situations like infidelity, addiction, communication breakdowns, family pressure, sexual dysfunction, or economic hardship can push relationships to their edge. Learn more about how counseling can help with
relationship issues.

Trauma Recovery

A trauma is an intense bad, sad, or scary event that has a lasting impact on the people involved. If you or a loved one has experienced an event like childhood abuse, sexual assault, or a serious accident, learn more about how counseling can help you
recover from a trauma.

Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue is a term used to describe the overwhelming feelings that often come when you dedicate yourself to caring for people, animals, or achieving social change. Compassion for others and passion for change can drive you to work in intense, stressful environments on a daily basis often with little support. Learn more about how counseling can help with compassion fatigue. 

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